Mark started his journey to business ownership at a young age. He worked as a canvasser, (also known as the annoying people who knock on your door unexpectedly and try to sell you something) for a nationwide company. If you have ever met Mark you know he is easy to talk to, so of course he was crushing the numbers on setting appointments. The company noticed, and Mark moved up the corporate ladder. He moved into sales, where the top salesman for the company took him under his wing and perfected his sales skills. One would think that it would be enough to satisfy his American dream, but Mark knew he wanted more. While in sales, he realized the customers were being severely overcharged for home improvements and the company was profiting very high margins. Mark was driving all over the state of Ohio running leads provided by the company, financing customers, selling every home improvement project. Another company offered him the same position, with more time to be at home with his family, so he switched companies. There, he again was moving up the corporate ladder with yet another nationwide company. They offer big incentive trips, great pay, leads, and all the tools needed to be successful. So why was he still not satisfied? Business ownership is scary to most. To Mark, it is a calling. He knew that these large companies were always going to be here, always going to be successful, and always knocking on doors to sell them the next home improvement project. He also knew that he wanted to create his own company, that worked in a similar fashion, but with a more local approach. Mark is a businessman and a family man. Being involved in coaching little league baseball, playing competitive paintball, owning a home, and putting money back into the local economy makes him different than the larger cooperation that he worked for. Now, working for his own business, Builders Group Construction, he is able to offer the same products and quality, and also more importantly be accountable to the community in which he lives.I may be bias because after all, I am his wife, but Mark is a genuine person who truly cares about our clients. 

- Kelli Ann