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Over 75 Years of Combined Experience in the Remodeling and Design Industry

Every weekend is another opportunity to spend more time with your friends and family. Whether you’re planning for a barbecue or a casual get-together, you can make the best of your deck space.

Build a beautiful outdoor deck and bring a bit of fun to your weekend gatherings. Invite everyone over, grill those steaks, and enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of your property.

Here, at Builders Group Construction, we’ll help you build a custom deck wether is be pressure treated, composite or a beautiful hardwood – This will be the best place to enjoy memorable times outdoors with your loved ones.

Deck Build Beavercreek Ohio

Saddle up on a new outdoor deck!


Step 1. Fill Out Form

The first step is to fill out our deck remodel form. This include as many details as possible about your project. Make sure to send us pictures so we’re able to see what you’re seeing and come up with a solution to better help you!

Step 2. Phone Consultation

After we receive the details of your deck renovation ideas, we’ll have a phone call where we’ll discuss your project, pricing, and possible deck design layouts. We've been in the Industry for a long time and we love to offer up our knowledge

Step 3. In-Home Consultation

This is where we get to meet face-to-face and go over your deck remodel line by line. We do this to get a better idea of your vision and to make sure there is nothing that might inhibit the build design we discussed over the phone.

Learn More About The Next Steps for your Deck Renovation

We use a proven 12 step process that yields a successful deck remodel. Our clients tell us how much they enjoy it and its reflected in our reviews. A smooth construction process always starts with the end in mind. Feel free to check it out!


Deck Project Engelwood Ohio



Per 150 square ft

​ For a rectangular deck pressure treated pine. Optional added rail or basic benches. There are many options for design even at the entry level.

KOA Pressure Treated Deck Brookville Ohio



Per 200 sqft

Includes elevated or upgraded deck with full railing and stairs accompanied or an accent alternative. Most deck projects should fall within this average ballpark. 

Deck Build Beavercreek Ohio

High End


Per 200 sqft

Heavy timbers or Decorative 6x6 posts with composite or PVC decking. Includes grand stairs and metal railings. Fully designed with consideration of a picture frame deck design.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of your project and your choice of materials.


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